Reach outside of what's convenient

Time Out Tuesday 2/20/18

This week I was sweetly reminded of the importance of taking some time away for yourself. Las Vegas had always been a distant cluster of lights to me, unreal in the sense that I had no confidence in ever visiting. Gratefully I say that I was able to visit last week and I had the time of my life. I'm sure everyone who has experienced the "city of sin" can attest to the duality of it's nature. I was expecting to be bombarded with the unmentionable side of life and, albeit I was prepared, that was not what I found. As with everywhere, there were people trying to influence me to explore the darker desires of my human heart but with just a little bit of mental fortitude I was able to avoid that almost entirely.

I would live in Nevada. Not necessarily for the lack of law enforcement officers in Las Vegas, but because I found something there that I can't find at home. In Nevada I found genuinely nice people that were friendly and understanding (not service workers either, they were surprisingly unhelpful), I found blue skies every day with bright sun that allows for shorts and a t-shirt even in February. I found a vibrant night life with a plethora of entertainment to keep you occupied any time you want. I found a side of myself that was more spontaneous, knows better what he wants, more confident and generally happier. There was an energy that kept me going even when I was the most tired I had ever been and even when I was the most down, Las Vegas found a way to bring me back to life.

As with everything, it had it's difficulties. Expensive drinks, food and transportation are a cost that must be counted in addition to long walks, an aching body and a sad plane ride home. All in all this trip was an eye opening experience for me, reminding me that discovery can be found as far away as you are willing to travel and that time away is just as necessary as time invested. I discovered that there is more out in the world than what surrounds me every day. I discovered that there may be other regions of the world that I would rather live and I discovered that there are sides of myself that I have yet to explore. Always remember to keep reaching ahead, keeping moving forward and never let yourself settle for what is convenient and easily accessible.