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Brandon Barquet

"My dream is to wake up everyday at peace. To not be worried about anything. If everyone around me is happy, everything is good. That's it."


Hometown: Seattle

Gary Barquet

"My dream is to assist individuals come to the realization that we have the ability to create heaven on earth. Through raising self consciousness, inspiring the pursuit of knowledge, and truly penetrating the minds of our youth. My definition of success is living your life through your beliefs, and identifying your beliefs is the first step towards your dreams. I will encourage the masses to follow their passion and be inspired, to become a mentor in life, yet remain a student to the wise, to recognize ones true power and potential, and thus create with infinite capabilities. Nourishing the mind, body, and soul. BECOME YOU."

Age: 24

Hometown: Seattle

De'Aaron Bowser

"My dream is reach the peak of my happiness and maintain that peak throughout the rest of my life. I want to help as many lives as I can. Helping people while doing it the way I want, while maintaining a positive lifestyle is the vision I envisioned for myself."

Age: 24

Hometown: Seattle


Walter Pinder:

"My dream is to live without bounds, and that means going where I want to go, doing what I want to do, and help who I want to help. I want to be in a place in life where whatever I do I can make a difference. At two years old I told my mama I would take care of her one day. I still feel like that today."

Age: 24

Hometown: Alexandria Lousinisna 

Niki Dionne

 "My dream is to make as many artistic visions a reality as I possibly can. So many dreamers have creative ideas boiling over in their mind it's amazing. I mean... y'all, the realities (big or small) seen from people who don't let anything stop them; that's so much more than just a dream. I just told @ash_oneilll the other day "This is a God dream"

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SirThomas Jackson:

"My dream is to obtain wealth to break the cycle down from me and my family. To gain knowledge in many ways and not to put a limit on myself. For my body and mind to work as one. To leave a lasting legacy behind when on speaks of me they first think of my character and how great of a person I was."

Age: 24

Hometown: Seattle


"My dream is to become the best version of me that i can become, to manifest myself and manipulate this world in a fruitful way, to have the propulsion to get in motion and spread the potion of positivity, to make it evident that there is a God and he is real."

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Age: 20

Hometown: Clarendon, Jamaica

Naya Barquet

"My dream for the future isn't just for me but for everyone. I want everyone to be equal. No matter what race, what religions you believe in, what sexuality, or what your social class is. I want shallow minded people to see and understand that we are all human and that we are all here for a reason. I want stereotypes and expectations from society to stop being so materialistic. I want to live to see the day when anyone and everyone can grow up and be successful and loved without having to worry about what others think of them."

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Age: 14

Hometown: Seattle

Marissa Ballard

"My dream is to use my position as a school counselor to help narrow the access, attainment, and achievement gaps in the education system by focusing on finding solutions to underlying causes, including poverty, ethnic bias, and institutionalized predispositions. My dream is to devote my life to relentlessly advocating for children. My greatest hope is to use my training as a School Counselor to become a vessel for social justice in the educational system. As a school counselor, I will continue to use the Social Change Model, acting on the belief that the process for change starts with the individual. Ultimately, I consider it my civic duty to utilize my gift of higher education to enthusiastically generate positive change within myself, my community, and society."

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Kevin D Russell

"My dream is to create a platform to unite people through entrepreneurship. To show young people, especially from the inner city, that being a business man isn't a grand lifetime goal. Knowledge, self education, being able to motivate yourself, and continually motivate yourself. Also to mentally change people so they can improve their lives financially, physically and emotionally. A mindset shift that leads to grand accomplishment in the future."

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Age: 24


 "My dream is to see the world in where we all thrive and prosper; unification of the human race. The ultimate sophistication of the collective as a tenacious endeavor for the acquisition of knowledge can bring about an enormous increase in the value and quality of life. And trough the justification of this augmented vision; the capacity to which it dwells on the prosperity for all is certain to undergo reciprocation for the validation of species. Through, the emergence of such contingency; prosperity and harmonious adjustment approach towards a utopian style of inquiry!"

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Age: 22

Hometown: San Jose, CA


"My dream is simple. It's to not have a worry for anything in this world. Knowing the world is at peace, my family is more at peace, my loved ones are at peace. In this world, honestly there is too much stress and worry. Fighting for this world wide happiness is my goal, and when I accomplish it, I'll be living my dream."

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Age:: 21

Hometown: Renton, WA


Bryan Dorsey

"Dream(s): Build a name correlated with consistency, ambition, respect, inspiration, humility and trust. Build a family centered on love, surrounded by the belief of the greater good and have morals emphasizing the importance of community. Build friendships immersed in love, that fail to dissipate, coexist harmoniously between each other's diverse lifestyles and lead to no bounds. Build a legacy of fairness and transparency, possessed with drive that inspires a sublime state."

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Age: 25

Hometown: Port Orchard

Marquise Willis

"My dream is to be a successful barber and barbershop owner. While on this mission share my story with others about how I've been able to get through my troubled past with those who are similar or have been in a similar situation as myself!"

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Age: 29

Hometown: Seattle


Alizè Simmons

"My dream is to heal people through my career whether that is giving them a few hours to vent or simply sitting through silence while I cater to there needs. I want people to grow continuously, find themselves and learn self love is a endless journey through out your lifetime."

Age: 19

Hometown: Seattle


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Charles Booth

"My dream is to build a legacy of greatness in my family and in my community. Specifically, I want to become a doctor and work with the youth of color in my hometown by providing them exposure to other professionals from underrepresented backgrounds in their field of interest, whether that be in medicine, engineering, art, education, etc, and to make a scholarship fund so that they can follow their goal, two things that were sorely lacking when I was growing up. I'm a firm believer that hard work AND education are the only way out of a bad situation; I was blessed enough to have parents that instilled these values in me. I want to provide guidance to those who were not so fortunate, because I am tired of watching those with so much potential become misled by the news they watch and the music they listen to, and start to believe that the wrong path is the only path and that the world is against them. In actuality success comes when you seize opportunities that are presented to you."

Age: 23

Hometown: Tacoma, WA


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