The Conscious Campaign was founded in 2016

& Became an official LLC in 2018

Simply Stated .... The Conscious Campaign in a Social Movement based on Raising & Spreading Awareness.

It Starts With Self: Vision

We all have a passion and purpose. At The Conscious Campaign, we believe everyone deserves to live a passionate life. The daily demands of life can be exhausting to say the least. So we create an environment to build your vision. 


Inspire someone....doesn't that just have a ring to it? Here at The Conscious Campaign we provide a platform to inspire others while practicing and creating a stage for you to display your passions. We inspire each others to move forward in a purposeful way

From Others: Knowledge

What is to use of having knowledge without spreading it? We all have a perspective and ideas to bring to the table, and in order the prosper, we must constantly seek knowledge. To comprehend and embody the strength in loving one another. 

Put it All Together: Wisdom  

Our Vision is to inspire, unite, and build TOGETHER. Realizing this process is a journey we must endure together. To gain wisdom one must recognize their true potential and take genuine action.