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Career Development

Are you looking to make a change in your career path but don’t know how to get
started? Pursuing a passion in your occupation but can’t seem to get that
interview? Maybe you’re applying for your first job to build your resume and just
aren’t sure where to begin. The Conscious Campaign is here to help!

Camden Meyers is a graduate of the University of Washington
In Tacoma where he majored in Accounting. Since then he has
spent 2 years managing big box retail stores, leading teams
of 50+ people, driving labor efficiency through re-structured
processes and utilizing financial and sales data to create positive
plans within stores. Most recently he became a District Manager
for 7-Eleven in the South Sound Area where he consults with
independent franchisees on how to increase gross profit,
drive positive sales comps, attract new demographics and
strengthen the image of their brand. He is here to help you!